Adjutant’s General

The Adjutant General of Kansas is the highest-ranking military official in the State of Kansas and is subordinate to the Governor of Kansas. The Adjutant General is a member of the Governor’s Cabinet and advises the Governor on military and emergency management matters. The Adjutant General runs the day to day administration of the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department, including the Kansas National Guard.

The Governor appoints, subject to confirmation by the Kansas Senate, the Adjutant General with the rank of major general. The person appointed must have served at least five years as a commissioned officer in the Kansas National Guard and have served as an officer in the armed forces of the United States. The Governor may promote, subject to confirmation by the Senate any Adjutant General who has served at least 15 consecutive years to the rank of lieutenant general. The Adjutant General serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

The Adjutant General is the principal military adviser to the Governor and is also responsible for the organization, training and supervision of the Kansas National Guard. In addition, the Adjutant General is the Director of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management and the head of Kansas Homeland Security. The Office of the Adjutant General also provides administrative services to the Kansas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

To view a list and biographies of all the past Adjutant’s General click HERE


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