Africa – Operation Enduring Freedom

The 2d Bn, 130th FA began a deployment to Egypt as part of the Multinational Force & Observers-Sinai (MFO-Sinai) in the fall of 2009. Here their mission was to keep the peace in the Sinai region between the Arabs and Israelis. The unit returned home in July of 2010.

The 2d Combined Arms Battalion, 137th Inf deployed to Djibouti, Africa (the Horn of Africa) in the summer of 2010 as part of the peacekeeping effort in that area. Here the unit provided support staff to the CJTF-HOA Command team, Security Force Protection elements to Camp Lemonnier in the form of a Quick Reaction Force, Flight Line Security, Camp Reinforcement, Port Security, Search and Rescue, and U. S. Embassy Djibouti Reinforcement. The unit returned home in April of 2011.

The 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery deployed to Djibouti, Africa (the Horn of Africa) as a replacement for the 2d Bn, 137th Inf in April of 2011, performing basically the same missions as the 2d Bn, 130th FA had done. These included force protection, mentoring of professional development for several African military forces, and assistance to the JTF-HOA Command team. They will return home in early Spring, 2012. They were assisted by elements of the 35th Military Police Company who deployed with them.


Turkey . Operation Northern Watch

The 226th Engineer Company deployed to Afghanistan in Jan, 2010, for a year-long mission to build infrastructure for U. S. and coalition forces.

n Northern Watch involved use of United States military forces to enforce the .No Fly. zone over northern Iraq.

A portion of the 190th Air Refueling Wing Deployed to Incirlik, Turkey, on July 9, 1999, returning three months later.

Over 200 members and seven tankers of the 190th ARW deployed to Turkey Jan-Mar 2004 and over 200 deployed to Guam.

Members of the 190th ARW deployed to Turkey in the fall of 2009 to provide civil engineering support. They returned in Jan, 2010.

Afghanistan – Global War on Terrorism & Operation Enduring Freedom

The Global War on Terrorism and Operation Enduring Freedom refer to U. S. military operations associated with the war on terrorism that either take place at an overseas site or in support of units going outside the United States. From 2007 on, this primarily involved Kansas National Guard unit deployments to Afghanistan.

The 102d Military History Detachment was deployed to Afghanistan in June of 2008, in support of the 82d Airborne Division. They returned in June, 2009.

An Embedded Training Team, 35th Division, was sent to Afghanistan in Jan, 2006, to assist in training the Afghan Army Brigade. A second contingent deployed in Feb, 2006. They returned in Feb, 2007. They were followed by a third Embedded Training team in April, 2007, with a fourth deploying in 2009, both with year-long missions.

An Agricultural Assistance Team from the Kansas National Guard deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, followed by a second team in 2010, both for one year tours. Their mission was to provide assistance in Afghans in agricultural improvements and new crops.

A Regional Corps Advisory Group (RCAG) deployed to Afghanistan in April, 2009, for a year-long deployment to serve as advisors to the Afghan military and police.

Seventeen members of the 190th ARW Security Forces deployed to Afghanistan from Jun-Dec, 2006, to provide training and security support

The 105th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment was mobilized in Dec, 2003, and sent to Afghanistan to provide news and historical coverage. They returned home in April, 2005.

The 226th Engineer Company deployed to Afghanistan in Jan, 2010, for a year-long mission to build infrastructure for U. S. and coalition forces.

Iraq – Operation Iraqi Freedom

The 778th Transportation Company (HET), augmented with soldiers from the 731st Transportation Company (Med Trk) and the 137th Transportation Company (PLS) deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in October of 2010 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn to assist in the drawdown of equipment from Iraq. They returned home after a one-year deployment in October of 2011.

The 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation deployed to Kuwait in 2011, following their change of mission from Iraq to Kuwait. Their mission involved assistance in redeployment of men and materials withdrawn from Iraq following the withdrawal of forces from Iraq.

United States – Operation Noble Eagle

Operation Noble Eagle refers to U. S. military operations associated with the war on terrorism following September 11, 2001 that took place inside the boundaries of the United States, including airport security and force protection missions.

The 1st Bn, 127th FA was deployed in Sept, 2001 to provide installation protection at Ft. Riley and Ft. Leavenworth, following the 911 attacks. They were released in Dec, 2001.

The 1st Bn, 161st FA took over force protection duties at Ft. Riley and Ft. Leavenworth in 2002, and were released in June, 2003.

The 995th Maint Co was mobilized in May, 2005 and sent to the West Coast for a 180-day mission as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Bossnia-Herzegovina – Operations Deliberate Forge & Joint Endeavor

Operation Joint Endeavor refers to U. S. military operations that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia-Herzogovina.

The 35th Inf Div commanded Stabilization Force 13 (SFOR 13) in Bosnia in 2003 as part of Task Force Eagle, a multinational force. They were replaced by the 34th Inf Div six months later.

The 102d Military History Detachment, Topeka, was sent to Bosnia in 1995, assigned to task Force Eagle in Tuzla, Bosnia. They returned home in August, 1996, following eight months in Bosnia.

Btry E (Target Acquisition), 161st FA was deployed to Sarajevo in Feb, 1996, to use their radars in tracking artillery, mortar, and small arms fire. They returned in Nov, 1996.

Two different contingents of the Metro Section, HHB, 35th Division Artillery deployed in Dec, 1996, to provide meteorological support to UN forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina. They returned home in June, 1997.

The 24th Med Co (Air Ambulance), deployed to Bosnia in Feb, 1997, returning seven months later.

Over 250 members of the 190th ARW provided air refueling over Bosnia-Herzegovina, for several months in 2000.