noblePeter Stryker Noble
Kansas’ 12th Adjutant General
April 08, 1878 – January 07, 1883

COL Peter S. Noble was born Nov. 30, 1844 in Rennssilaerville, New York. His father moved the Noble family to Michigan in 1855, settling in Joseph County. When the Civil War broke out, Peter and his three brothers enlisted as privates. Peter enrolled in Company E, 11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry.

The young private was involved in the Battles of Belmont, Chicamanga, Resaca, Buzzard’s Roost/Rocky Face, Dalton, Ringgold, Kenesaw and Marietta. Throughout the entire was, Noble was never injured. He had served a total of three years and two months.

After the war, he settled in southern Michigan and entered into the manufacturing business. He married Emma Flagg of Decatur, Michigan. During the Chicago fire, Noble lost $32,000 and had to completely start over. He studied shorthand and became a court reporter, doing his first work in the courts of Independence, Kansas, where he moved in 1872.

He moved to Atchison and entered the law firm of Horton and Waggoner, reading law and acting as court reporter until the firm dissolved when the senior partner, Albert Horton, became the Chief Justice of Kansas.

After the election of Governor George T. Anthony, Noble was appointed Adjutant General on April 8, 1878. When Governor John P. St. John was elected to office, he again selected Noble for the position. When George W. Glick was elected governor, Noble accepted a position in Washington, D.C. as a Special Examiner with the U.S. Pension Bureau. When Groover Cleveland was elected President, he was dismissed, but later was re-appointed to the same position under President William McKinley.

Noble later wrote of his time as Adjutant General, “At the time I took the position of Adjutant General of Kansas, I believe that there had not been such an officer in the State from the close of the War. I resurrected the position from obscurity, and through my solicitation, Gov. Anthony caused to be built the Armory, and I succeeded in exchanging all the old rubbish called arms, that had accumulated from the close of the War for modern guns, and started what is known to day as the militia of Kansas out of which have come to Kansas much glory in our late skirmish with Spain.”

– Memorial Record of Lincoln Post No. 1, Department of Kansas, G.A.R., Topeka, Kansas, page 71

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